Sunday, October 28, 2012

How Music Works

Just a quick little mention. I'm reading David Byrne's new book How Music Works.

As a kid in the 80s, I was aware that there was a band called the Talking Heads. I was also almost aware of the giant suit the front man wore, although I didn't really notice it was off-sized for gis feame. I also couldn't pick out many words beyond the refrain of any pf the songs I heard. (This actually applies to most songs for me... I have to sit down in a darkened room and repeat repeat repeat the song to try and hear the lyrics. Or just read the liner notes as the song plays.)

But David Byrne's voice and sound just struck me as being super cool. If I'd listened to much music then, I'd have listened to more of the Talikng Heads. Later on, I saw Byrne's movie, True Stories, and was delighted to see a film made in my own "language."

It was a delightful surprise to read in chapter 2 of How Music Works that David Byrne is a self-diagnosed Aspergian. Another fish swimming in the Shoals of Neurodiversity!

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